Seek immediate attention for a selection lasting more than four quarters

  • 1-Oct-2012

I was recently advising a new research subscriber of ours whose Web Content & Experience Management selection project had dragged on for more than a year.

This delay was not for lack of effort. They had developed long spreadsheets of requirements, attended numerous webinars, downloaded white papers, and talked to peers. The problem is that they didn't follow an empirical process to figure out what really mattered. So they ended up jousting internally, using competing vendors as proxies for vaguely-conceived ambitions.

Total selectile dysfunction.

Selectile Dysfunction

Those of you who have been following us for the past eleven years know the solution to this problem: articulating narrative, test-oriented scenarios. We have templates for these, but it's more important to just do it in the first place than follow a particular model.

Scenarios are also the key to narrowing down the paralyzing array of plausible vendors to a reasonable shortlist. Check out our Custom ShortList Builder for an example of how you can accomplish this quickly and effectively.