New Digital Asset Management Maturity Model

  • 10-May-2012

I wanted to hit a century (my 100th blog post) with a really nice topic. And what could be better than this?

I'm excited and proud to announce the new Digital Asset Management Maturity Model (DAM3). Its a collaborative effort between us, Optimity Advisors, DAM Foundation and Henry Stewart. I'm especially happy because personally for me, it was a rewarding experience to work with some of the world's leading experts in DAM and Information Management.

You can read a brief description of the model as well as download the detailed pdf here.

DAM3 is based on Enterprise Content Management Maturity Model (ECM3), an open-source model that we released a few years back and has proved itself hugely popular and extensible. ECM3 was created for projects that usually focus on more document- and file-centric scenarios, and not really for DAM projects. However, the model is flexible enough that it provided an excellent framework to extend to Digital Asset Management.

If you are attending the Henry Stewart DAM conference in New York this week, you can meet most of the team who worked on this model. My colleague Theresa Regli will be speaking about this model in her sessions on Thursday. So if you are attending the conference, do attend the session and say hi.

DAM3 is released under Creative Commons and is free for anyone to use it. We do hope though that if you use it, you will share your feedback. We also encourage organizations and individuals to participate and contribute to further development of this model.

Our customers say...

"Thank you for bringing something like the Digital Asset Management Research to the market. It's worth every penny."

Andy Niemann, Photo/Computer Arts, Royal BC Museum, Victoria

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