Free Webinar - How Cloud, Mobile, and Social Will Change the World of Information Management

  • 20-Apr-2012

Cloud, Mobile, and Social are three of the most common buzzwords in today's IT lexicon. The words are here to stay, but will the underlying concepts really bring about fundamental changes to the way we manage information? Or, are they more hype than substance?

On May 9, we'll be conducting a webinar that will answer those questions and shed light on:

  • How you should think about cloud options for your technology solutions
  • Creating a mobile strategy that actually improves, rather than hinders, the customer brand experience
  • Why implementing social tools without a proper business strategy can lead to disastrous results

You can register for this free webinar here

This webinar will be a preview of many of the topics that we will be discussing in depth at this year's info360 conference. In NYC on June 12-14, we'll be presenting a number of sessions including:

Social Workplace Market Overview 2012

Keynote: Consumerization of IT

Acronym Soup: ECM, WCM, CMS, WEM, CEM, DAM Dissected

The Right Way to Select Enterprise Collaboration Technology

DAM (Digital Asset Management) 101

Understanding the Marketing Technologist Toolkit

How to Negotiate the Right Price for Enterprise Software


The Advance Rates to the conference are available until May 4. We look forward to seeing many of you in New York!

Our customers say...

"There is really no comparison between the level of detail and insight I find in the Real Story Group publications and other resources. Why is The Web CMS Research so good? First, Real Story Group avoids fads and takes a very measured, grounded analysis of changes going on in the web marketplace. Second, Real Story Group evaluates solutions holistically, looking at more than the software itself and considering the vendor's business viability. Third, Real Story Group can't be beat for having a conceptual grasp of what is really important in these products, and how they actually get deployed, from small implementations to enterprise scale. It's this thorough, totally grounded perspective that makes Real Story Group research an indispensable tool in my business."

John Berndt, President and CEO, The Berndt Group, Ltd.

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