Enterprise 2.0 Marketplace Analysis Q2 2012

  • 20-Apr-2012

The H1, 2012 marketplace analysis of Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software is now available to our research subscribers or as an la carte purchase for non-subscribers. 

The first part of the analysis summarizes seven key trends in this marketplace. Check out the press release describing those trends.

The second part of the analysis provides a 4D view of 22 vendors.

2012 Social Collaboration Cross Check

Slightly modifying what the ancient Greeks said, you cannot dip your finger twice in the same (activity) stream. There is a constant ferment of activity in the E2.0 space, and we try to capture the rate of change of both vendors and their products. This should give you a good sense for the relative riskiness of your technology choices and help you match the options that are right for your enterprise risk appetite and eliminate any nasty surprises for you down the road.

Let us know what you think.

Our customers say...

"This is an extremely deep dive into the actual inventory of social and collaboration software products and platforms, with descriptions, ratings, feature matrices and screenshots."

Scott Mark, Blogger on Social Software

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