Portals Research version 9.1 has updates to IBM WebSphere and Liferay Evaluations

  • 6-Apr-2012

We've just updated our Enterprise Portals research with updates to our reviews of IBM WebSphere and Liferay.

Within the Portals marketplace, IBM and Liferay seem to be the ones that most frequently appear on customer short lists. But that also means they get scrutinized much more based on frequent feedback we get from our customers. Based on this, we've updated our reviews of these two products in our latest release.

In particular, we provide additional guidance related to pricing models, Portlet factory, and mobile capabilities for IBM WebSphere Portal. For Liferay, on the other hand, we dig deeper into its Web Content Management, Personalization, and scalability capabilities. Remember, our reviews are based on your (end user / developer) feedback, so if you have experience with these or any of the other tools we cover in our Portals report, please feel free to email me.


Our customers say...

"The Enterprise Portals Research does an excellent job of articulating the key complexities and challenges associated with portal implementations, and will greatly assist organizations in planning for and executing portal initiatives."

Mike Girifalco, Director of Engineering, Bit Group, Inc.

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