Enterprise Search London - talking HP and Autonomy...

  • 19-Oct-2011

Next week I will be speaking at the inaugural Enterprise Search Europe event in London 24/25th October, organized by our good friends at InfoToday and Martin White of Intranet Focus Ltd.

My talk will provide an analysis of the current European Search Market, drawn from our extensive research in this area. If you are in the London area it would be great to see you there. 

Search may be seen as a slow moving market, but you can't say nothing is happening. This year has seen some very significant shifts in the market, not least being HP's acquisition of UK based Autonomy - a topic we will explore in this session. How will that huge acquisition (over $10 Billion US) impact the European sector? Will it open up opportunities or further dampen expectations? My hope is that this will be a lively and provocative session, and as always I will be available to challenge in person afterward - come along, shake hands, and tell me exactly what you think!

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