Microsoft SharePoint in 2011 - 2012: State of the Nation Webinar

  • 28-Sep-2011

Next Wednesday I will be hosting a free SharePoint-themed webinar. (Click here to sign up).  My intent is to look at SharePoint in 2011, its victories to date and its challenges ahead.

It's been over 10 years since I first came across SharePoint and so much has changed in that time. Changes both in terms of the products, but also in terms of buyers and market expectations. I think SharePoint is approaching something of a crossroads, one that users of the platform may be more aware of than Microsoft and its partner channel. The times they are a-changing...and SharePoint has evolved in ways nobody could have expected.

The competition, meanwhile, is far from rolling over and giving up. In fact it has adapted remarkably well. 

That's the theme of this webinar -- who is buying SharePoint in 2011, why are they buying it and when might this Microsoft steamroller of success finally begin to run out of steam? I hope you join me for the webinar and also join in with the Q&A session following.

The conversation will continue in more depth in Washington DC on 2nd/3rd November at the SharePoint Symposium. It is an event I am looking forward to very much, as along with our partners at KMWorld, we have structured a conference with not only truly outstanding speakers and sessions, but also a great and friendly opportunity to hang out, mix and share with your peers.  Of course I know not everyone will be able to make in person to the DC event, but I do hope you can make it to the webinar next's going to be an interesting one.

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