Best Practices for eForms

  • 7-Jul-2011

Content Acquisition (or Ingestion) is an important step in many business processes. A form is a common way to acquire content or information for these business processes.  Forms are everywhere - you fill in a form to buy an insurance policy, apply for a travel visa or request a new home loan.

Digital Forms, also known as smart forms or eForms, are improving and becoming more useful, especially compared to paper-based forms.  Once you collect information or content via these eForms, you can apply business rules to the content, take it through a workflow or archive it.  As a result, it is important to consider eForms-based content acquisition as a component of overall content life cycle.

In our recently released advisory, Best Practices for eForms, we explore different aspects of eForms and provide practical advice for organizations that are considering a transition away from traditional forms.

Key sections of the advisory paper are:

  • Comparative Benefits of eForms
  • When to Use eForms
  • Standards
  • Some Best Practices for eForm Deployments
  • Dealing with Signatures
  • eForm Software

The advisory paper is available to our Document and Records Management research subscribers. 


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