How to accurately budget for CMS projects

  • 30-May-2011

The software engineering community has spawned many different methods to estimate levels of effort for implementing projects. You could debate the validity or accuracy yielded by these projection methods, but the fact remains that they're widely employed.

A content management implementation is also a software project and you would require some way of estimating your effort (and hence costs). However, in our experience, established methods such as COCOMO and Function Point Analysis generally don't fare well  for packaged software implementation efforts in general -- content management projects in particular.

In our recently released advisory, Alternative Estimation Methods for CMS Projects, we examine the shortcomings of traditional approaches, and explore what would work for a CMS project.

Here's the table of contents for the advisory paper:

  1. Key Takeaways
  2. Introduction
  3. Package Integration Is Still a Software Project
  4. Estimating Content Management Projects
  5. Key Advice
  6. Conclusion

The advisory paper is available to our Web CMS, DAM, and Document Management research subscribers. 

Our customers say...

"I think The Web CMS Research is well worth it. Information is always key to good decisions; don't skip that step! It's also surprisingly well written and not as dry as you would expect. I have an IT background and also a writing (English Literature) background, so I very much appreciated the balance of charts, tech info, and plain-speaking, good old sentences!"

Paul Whittle, Web Manager, Memorial University

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