Alternatives for Building Portal-Like Applications

  • 3-May-2011

If you ask "What is a Portal" on twitter, you will likely get numerous replies depending on tweeples' point of view. For some, their Intranet is a Portal, while for others a public search engine is their Portal, and for still some others their own website is a Portal. Instead of arguing about the correct definition of Portal, we believe all of these scenarios (and many others as well) represent some common behavior and are best described as Portal-like applications.

While all these Portal-like scenarios have common aspects, they are also vastly different from each other. Consequently, there are multiple ways, ranging from out-of-the-box tools (many of which we cover in our Portals  as well as Web CMS Reports), to custom solutions to build such applications.

In our recently released advisory briefing, Alternatives for Building Portal-Like Applications, we explore different ways of building Portal-like applications and offer advice on which approach to choose for your specific requirements.

Here's the table of contents for the advisory paper:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Introduction
  • What does a Portal do?
  • Alternatives for Building Your Portal-Like Application
  • Conclusion

The advisory paper is available to our Portals, Web CMS, and ECM research subscribers.

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