Mobile - the Next Web CMS Frontier

  • 27-Apr-2011

With seemingly everyone attached to a mobile device these days, you'd think delivering an optimal experience would be old hat by now for Web Content Management products. You'd be wrong.

Sure, customer demand has caused the Web CMS marketplace to react, and several vendors have responded accordingly. However, much remains to be done.

If mobile is a part of your Web Content Management strategy (if it isn't, it probably should be), then you'll want to investigate Web CMS vendors' capabilities in supporting HTML5 and understand how their mobile experience translates to your content creators and editors.

This finding came from the latest major release of The Real Story Group's Web Content Management Evaluation Report. The new Version 20.0 represents its 10th year of publication. Originally launched as a review of 12 Web CMS vendors in 2001, the Web Content Management Evaluation Report now evaluates 43 web content management vendors head-to-head.

You can read more in today's press release.

Our customers say...

"There are no guarantees of success in this world, but working with Real Story Group will greatly improve your chances. I would use their research again in a heart beat."

Glenn Olsen, Technical Committee Chair American Bonanza Society

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