No more content management

  • 1-Apr-2011

I'm pleased to share the results from some new, path-breaking research we've been conducting this year. Content Management technology is no longer necessary. Read the full release here.

To quote:

    There’s a bigger picture here: information management is becoming gamified, consumerized, socialized, mobilized, cloudified, and caramelized. Enterprises should turn their attention away from core information assets and focus all digital energies on linking up with the next Facebook, whatever that may be.

To get the real story on what's going on in across the different content technology marketplaces, download some research samples.

Our customers say...

"This excellent research has saved weeks of work reviewing the marketplace to enable a tender to be sent out to just a handful of potential vendors in record time. Well done."

Martin Beake, ITT Consultant, 2Sys Limited, Malmesbury, UK

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