2017 WCM Marketplace Overview

I'm excited to share some findings from RSG's just-released 2017 Web Content & Experience Management Market Analysis.  Overall, the WCM marketplace is seeing a lot of movement at the higher, platform end of the market, along with some stability (but potential gotchas) in the more product-oriented segment.

This briefing — available exclusively to research subscribers — charts likely 2017 risks and opportunities for both WCM product and platform vendors through two "Reality Check" charts.

WCM Platforms

WCM Platforms Reality Check 2017
RSG 2017 Reality Check for WCM Platforms (click to enlarge)


WCM Products

WCM Products Reality Check 2017
RSG 2017 Reality Check for WCM Products (click to enlarge)


In 2017 the WCM marketplace is evolving in different directions, with significant implications for prospective customers. This briefing delves into four key trends, including complexity-shifting and evolving cloud models.

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