2017 Enterprise Social-Collaboration Marketplace Analysis

RSG has just released our 2017 Marketplace Analysis for Enterprise Collaboration & Social Software. This paper — available to research subscribers — analyzes of the comparative risks and opportunities for each vendor via RSG's "Reality Check" chart.

RSG 2017 Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Marketplace Analysis and Reality Check

RSG Reality Check for Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software (Click to enlarge)

Key Findings

  • The marketplace saw both growing maturity of existing products as well as the the entry of newer players in 2016
  • Enterprises are still discovering unmet and newer requirements (e.g., group chat) in this space
  • Vendors are responding with new business and delivery models, highlighted most notably by Microsoft, which now takes a cloud-first approach to enterprise collaboration (that most of its peers are mimicking)
  • There is an acknowledged need to improve employee digital experiences but little consensus on core functionality or user experience design patterns
  • Vendors continue to experiment and innovate in both cases; as a customer, you have more choices than ever.

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