2011 Portal & Content Integration Market Analysis

Today we published our 2011 Portal and Content Migration Market Analysis. It also includes a "Cross-Check" chart that visually charts risks and opportunities.  The briefing is available to our Portals stream subscribers.

Recall the many predictions that "mainframes were dying" -- yet they never died. Nor have enterprise portals.

The Portals marketplace is characterized by fewer players, but it remains active, with most vendors regularly releasing new updates. Also, there's a huge difference in how standard features -- such as personalization -- get implemented across different platforms.

So, the Portals marketplace is far from "commoditized." Our vendor evaluations cover such topics as mobile enablement, enhanced integration with content and analytics, lightweight alternatives (such as mashups and gadgets), and simpler APIs.

Portals Cross-check

The Content Integration marketplace, on the other hand, is quite young. Most vendors continue to evolve at a relatively fast pace. There's no real standardization and different players have taken very different strategies. For buyers, young marketplaces offer exciting opportunities -- as well as meaningful risks.

Content Integration Cross-check

Our customers say...

"Every organisation considering portal technology should obtain a copy of the Enterprise Portals Research, to gain access to best-practice approaches and concepts, built up from real-world experience."

James Robertson, Managing Director, Step Two Designs

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