Webinar advises on selecting a Web CMS in 2018

  • 10-Jan-2018

Please join me for a complimentary webinar on Wednesday, 24 January, "How to Select WCM Technology in 2018."

As you devise or refine your digital strategies for 2018 and beyond, you’ll want to ensure that you have the right Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) foundation in place.

New architectural approaches and the need to inject content into diverse applications and channels are compelling enterprises to rethink their approach to WCM technology.

For some, this will result in selecting a new WCM system — either from scratch, or to supplement or replace an existing system that no longer suffices.  If you’re considering a new Web CMS, this fast-paced tutorial will be particularly useful.

I'll critically assess the current marketplace, explore future trends, and outline best practices for a successful WCM product selection in this new WCM world. Based on 16 years of experience helping WCM customers select the right tools, I'll reveal key pitfalls to avoid, allowing you to learn from others' mistakes.

 Register here.


Our customers say...

"I've been using the The Web CMS Research and I have to say that the quality of the analysis is flawless. How your team not only gets beneath the surface of CMS products but also highlights the good, bad, and ugly in very readable research is nothing short of miraculous."

Martin White, Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd

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