Guide to Successful Content Migration

  • 9-Sep-2010

We have often talked of content migration before, such as here and here. However, now we have started to track content migration technology and practices more formally, and will be expanding our coverage to include short reviews of key content migration vendors in the near future.

Meanwhile, to get you warmed up, here's an advisory briefing, "A Guide to Successful Content Migration" our ECM, Portals & Content Integration, and WCM subscription customers.

In most organizations, there are multiple systems that need to co-exist, inter-operate or talk to each other. Even for content management, it is not uncommon to have more than one system. This is usually dictated by technical reasons (fit for specific use cases) as well as organizational reasons (such as different business units managing their own setups). Given such circumstances, it usually does not make sense to have once single repository, and you often need to move content around across multiple systems.

So, while moving content from one system to another is necessary in some cases - such as while upgrading or changing your content management system, it by no means is the only way to handle this. In our advisory, we explore different migration approaches. This briefing also outlines the pros and cons of three alternate approaches, and concludes with some specific guidance — regardless of approach.

Here's the table of content of the advisory paper:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Introduction
  • Key Approaches
    • Move It
    • Leave It
    • Consolidate
  • Key Advice


Our customers say...

"Your CMS research saved us money and efforts in identifying the right WCMS provider for our local market."

Moath Abdullah AL-Manayes, Executive Manager, Kuwait Neshami Company W.L.L.

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