Dynamic Publishing Systems -- A Technical Overview

  • 10-Sep-2010

Dynamic Publishing Systems manage the assembly of reusable components for publishing, along with the delivery of aggregated content to multiple personalized channels. Some examples of Dynamic Publishing are:

  • Help manuals for your products or services
  • Electronic bills sent by utility service providers
  • Insurance quotes and policies

Dynamic Publishing is a catch-all phrase and is often referred to in context of various disciplines such as Component Content Management, Automatic Document Assembly, Document Output Management and Document Automation. In our recently released advisory, we explore Dynamic Publishing Systems and what what their capabilities should be. We also explain how these should be considered not in isolation but in the context of your wider Enterprise Content Management (ECM)  initiatives. To quote from the advisory:

Don't consider DPS in isolation: Dynamic Publishing should not be considered as a standalone system. Content and documents that are within the scope of Dynamic Publishing are often subject to the same stages and processes as any other content, such as publishing workflows, version management, archiving and so forth. Hence, you should consider Dynamic Publishing as part of a broader content management initiative. It is very important that the DPS you select has basic ECM capabilities (repository services), or provides connectors to integrate with external ECM, search, and portal tools.

Here's the table of content of the advisory paper Dynamic Publishing Systems -- A Technical Overview

  • Key Takeaways
  • What is Dynamic Publishing
  • Functional Requirements of Dynamic Publishing
    • Content Assembly
    • Rendering, Transformation, and Conversions
    • Graphics Support
    • Process Management
    • Output Management
    • Multichannel Translation Management 
  • Key Advice

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