Welcome to the Real Story Group

  • 17-Feb-2010

Welcome to the Real Story Group. Today we cut over to our new website(s), as I announced last week.

SharePoint Watch
Enterprise Information Watch
CMS Watch

For those of you interested in all those topics, just visit us at

The Real Story Group

You'll see we have a new look and feel, but we're also making it easier to obtain our research. We'll be sharing our new offerings with subscribers over the coming days. Specifically, we are:

  • Rolling out more specialized services for those who want to focus on specific technologies
  • Improving our delivery model to get the latest research more quickly to customers
  • Providing new types of research to support customers across the full lifecycle of their projects
  • Offering new ways for you to interact with and get advice from us

If you've been following our blog...

And you now want to follow service-specific feeds, they are here:

SharePoint Watch: www.realstorygroup.com/Blog/Feed/SharePointWatch-feed.xml
Enterprise Information Watch: www.realstorygroup.com/Blog/Feed/eiwatch-feed.xml
CMS Watch: www.realstorygroup.com/Blog/Feed/CMSWatch-feed.xml

For a full feed of everything we do, go here:


Or just keep your good old realstorygroup.com/RSS/cmswatch.xml -- which still works just fine for everything produced by The Real Story Group.

Subscribers also get private feeds and alerts pointing to subscriber-only research.

For Twitterati:

You can now interact with us based on specific interest, or via a twitter handle for everything we do.

twitter.com/CMSWatch (our old handle, now just focused on web technology)
twitter.com/RealStoryGroup (for everything we produce).

Finally, we've tried to make sure all our old URLs still work, but if we missed something, please let us know.

Thanks for your patronage!

Our customers say...

"The reviews of various CMS packages in the Web CMS Research is well structured, allowing readers with different roles to easily examine each product in detail and quickly make comparisons between products. But even better than the excellent product reviews is the clearly written, comprehensive, and non-biased explanations of the Web CMS landscape. In addition to making it easier to more fully appreciate the massive amounts of product information, it also provides readers with great guidance that will assist them with any CMS selection and implementation."

Murray Thompson, P.Eng., Webmaster, City of Grande Prairie

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