GlobalScape Releases a CMS Package

  • 24-Jan-2003

From the people who brought you CuteFTP comes a new offering, "PureCMS." Well, it's actually not so new -- GlobalScape OEM'ed an existing package from a smallish vendor, Hannon Hill. As you would expect, it's priced for the low end of the market ($US300-350/user). The product is designed to work on a departmental server, then it FTPs approved content to your delivery webserver, presumably assembling complete pages on the way. It only works on Windows servers (fine), but appears to install a version of PHP in the background (Hannon Hill originally developed the product for the *NIX platform), and we wonder if there won't be serious architectural changes afoot in the next version. Anyway, GlobalScape will surely leverage its existing client base and could become a solid player in this end of the market, though its per-user pricing might choke them out of some deals...
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