Our latest Web CMS evaluations

  • 11-May-2009

We've just released the latest major update to our Web CMS research. (That's Version 17 for those counting.)

There's all kinds of interesting findings in the new edition, including substantial updates to web content management offerings from Oracle, Percussion, Vignette, Ektron, Sitecore, Drupal, DotNetNuke, all the SaaS-based vendors, and much more.

If there is a single theme this time, it's what we're calling the "third wave" of European Web CMS vendors breaching North American shores.

On the whole, I think the expansion of smallish (albeit longstanding) vendors is good for customers, since these suppliers often bring fresh architectures and often attractive pricing. As always, you have a plethora of choices. Our evaluations have helped thousands of organizations like yours find the right fit.

Subscribers will receive their updates shortly. If you're new to our research, you can download a sample here.

Our customers say...

"I think The Web CMS Research is well worth it. Information is always key to good decisions; don't skip that step! It's also surprisingly well written and not as dry as you would expect. I have an IT background and also a writing (English Literature) background, so I very much appreciated the balance of charts, tech info, and plain-speaking, good old sentences!"

Paul Whittle, Web Manager, Memorial University

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