Announcing the ECM Maturity Model

  • 24-Feb-2009

I'm pleased to share that CMS Watch, Wipro, Hartman Communicatie, and Smigiel Consulting Group have published Version 1.0 of an "Enterprise Content Management Maturity Model," or ECM3 for short. Alan says in the release:

    Like all maturity models, it is partly descriptive and partly prescriptive. You can apply the model to audit, assess, and explain your current state, as well as inform a roadmap for maturing your enterprise capabilities.

Like I say, it's a Version 1.0 document. We've released it to creative commons and expect the wider ECM community to "mature" the model itself. Find out more at

Our customers say...

"The SharePoint Research is perhaps the most thorough analysis of the solution to date and is based on real-world use of the product within numerous organizations and it is designed to assist both Business and Technology Managers to figure out where, why and how to apply SharePoint."

Toby Ward, CEO, Prescient Digital Media

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