Tridion developer skill set

  • 13-Sep-2008

I came across this job opening, which roughly translates as, "Wanted: Tridion developer. Must know everything (and then some)." It's something I was reminded of while investigating Tridion for the The Web CMS Report, and the main reason why the happiest Tridion customers count on a large group of in-house developers who have invested the time to really master the system.

But there's also quite a few Tridion customers that have no real business case to exploit the system's manifold strengths. If you have only one or two programmers on hand with more limited capabilities -- or rather, a realistic skill-set -- well, you can understand the origins of persistent rumors about completely lop-sided and somewhat dysfunctional Tridion implementations.

As for the "fast growing company with a strong reputation and track record in downtown Boston" that posted the vacancy, I'm wishing you the best of luck in finding qualified developers with "strong .Net skills, XSLT, JSP, UNIX, and Java." You may need all that for a successful Tridion implementation, but you can rarely find it all in one developer...

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"We're very pleased with Real Story Group, and your Portals research in particular. Your analysis and reports have proven highly useful time and time again. And when we do have the pleasure of talking to your analysts, the experience is also consistently very helpful."

Mike Brannan, Centric Consulting

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