Talking SharePoint at the Enterprise-3 Conference

  • 23-May-2008

I just returned from the IIR's Enterprise-3 Conference in San Diego. It's an interesting conference for consultant and end-user alike, I think, because it brought together people interested in a variety of related topics, from Portals, to Collaboration, to Web Content Management (WCM), to Social Software.

Of course, SharePoint touches all those spaces, and so for the first time the organizers ran a full day of pre-conference seminars on SharePoint (I taught the morning segment). These pre-conference seminars were well attended with individuals from all different enterprise types -- not-for-profit to government to Fortune 500.

It seemed virtually everyone at the conference was talking about SharePoint -- wondering if it would be "right" for particular business scenarios. I was glad to be there and offer some examples, but if you are looking for a resource on this topic that's readily available at your desk, you can turn to our newly published SharePoint Report 2008.  In the report we examine SharePoint's true "fit" against eight different scenarios for which Microsoft has suggested the platform handles. 

In San Diego, the questions we fielded were most frequently centered on web publishing.  The SharePoint Report has a whole section specifically on WCM -- highlighting where SharePoint could be a good solution or where you might want to pursue another tool.  In addition, our Web CMS Report has fantastic comparison tables to enable you to make a good comparative decision regarding your WCM tool choice.

I would encourage you to download the sample content from the various reports and check out what others are saying about them.

Our customers say...

"The Web CMS Research is excellent! Very well written, and you've done a masterful job distinguishing otherwise look-alike vendors!"

Peter Morville, Consultant, Guru Author, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web

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