Whither IBM and Web Content Management?

  • 30-Oct-2007

Our latest web content management technology research suggests that Big Blue is falling behind its major competitors in the Web CMS marketplace. To quote:

IBM's Workplace Web Content Management (WWCM) product remains a generation behind, and it is conceivable that IBM may simply elect to acquire a WCM vendor to fill the gap. CMS Watch cautions that IBM WWCM customers may risk the kind of painful upgrade or even replacement of the kind endured by Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) licensees when Redmond rewrote that tool under SharePoint.

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Our customers say...

"We're very pleased with Real Story Group, and your Portals research in particular. Your analysis and reports have proven highly useful time and time again. And when we do have the pleasure of talking to your analysts, the experience is also consistently very helpful."

Mike Brannan, Centric Consulting

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