The case against Sitecore

  • 29-Oct-2007

CMS vendor SiteCore cites a previous version of our Web CMS Report to list some of the strengths we identified in their tool. Guess what they didn't publish from the same page of that report? Yes, that's right: here's a sampling from the six weaknesses we identify:

  • "Developer-centric; more of a platform than an out-of-the-box solution, with comparatively longer implementation times"
  • "Some users may find the multiple, ultra-rich user interfaces overwhelming"
  • "Very resource-intensive at the contributor's desktop; may be sluggish on laptops and older machines"

So, while SiteCore doesn't exactly suck, like all tools it's not as good as its hyperactive marketing team makes it out to be. The broader lesson here is that you should remain skeptical about any vendor citing any analyst praising their products. There's two sides to every story, and the "best" WCM tool is the one that fits best for you.

Our customers say...

"The Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software report ends with hundreds of pages of assessments where all the solutions that matter are deeply analysed, where their strengths and weaknesses are explained as well as the vendors’ strategies. I highly recommend you to buy it..."

Bertrand Duperrin, Digital Transformation Practice Leader Emakina.FR

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