Hey Buddy...Want to be an Omniture Certified Professional?

  • 4-Oct-2007

Omniture announced that it now has 270 locations throughout the U.S. and 17 other countries around the world where individuals can complete testing to become Omniture Certified Professionals.

According to the press release, “...the Omniture Certified Professional designation attests to a professional's skills, knowledge and abilities with implementing, using and improving business success using Omniture products.”

Omniture is running just as fast as it can to get people out there to service their product. As Web Analytics Report readers know, it's not a simple one.

If you're an Omniture customer, don't be surprised if you're referred to consultants who have the Certified Professional designation. However, with the potential for so many newly-minted Professionals out there, you'll need to make sure these folks really have their SiteCatalyst chops before letting them loose on your system. I suggest you find out if they've worked on installations like yours, and get references to vouch for their claims.

Our customers say...

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Paul Whittle, Web Manager, Memorial University

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