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Our Team: Theresa Regli

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About Theresa Regli

Theresa Regli is Contributing Analyst with the Real Story Group, covering and advising on digital & media asset management, marketing automation, creative operations management, and web content management.

As a journalist in Boston in the early '90s, Theresa first saw the Mosaic web browser and was handed a 26-page book called "complete HTML" by her older brother, who offhandedly mentioned she'd probably end up working on "this thing called the web" sometime in the future. She soon shifted from writing about the local arts scene to profiling new technologies and Internet start-ups, and then started coding.

After hand-coding one of the world's first newspaper web sites amidst resistance from her paper-loving co-workers, Theresa moved on to join the dot-com wave, leading website development and information architecture teams, using early versions of what would eventually be called content management systems. From 2001 to 2006, she led a content management team at a systems integration firm, heading up implementations of major WCM, enterprise search, and DAM products.

Theresa has covered a multitude of content technology markets, with a particular focus on digital & media asset management since 2008. She advises a multi-industry, worldwide customer base that has included Unilever, Christie's, Johnson & Johnson, Sesame Workshop, Novartis, Ubisoft, The British Museum, IKEA, Capital One, The Ad Council, Havas Worldwide, The Council on Foreign Relations, Net-a-Porter, The UK National Trust, Shell, and the US Library of Congress.

Now based in her native city of Philadelphia, USA, Theresa spends much of her life on the road, demonstrating particular favoritism for London, Paris, Strasbourg, New Zealand, major tennis tournaments, and British Airways. When not working with Real Story Group customers or teaching seminars at events throughout the world, she is usually cooking, seeking out the best local restaurant, talking a scenic walk, or enjoying a hand-crafted artisan cocktail.

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1 - 40 of 209 posts