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Our Team

Our Analysts

Our analysts span three continents and a variety of backgrounds. However, we all share a passion for advocating for you, the technology customer.

Tony Byrne
Tony is the Founder of the Real Story Group.

Jarrod Gingras
Managing Director & Analyst
Jarrod Gingras is Real Story Group's Managing Director and an Analyst covering Digital Workplace and Marketing technology across the enterprise information landscape.

Kashyap Kompella
Research Director
Kashyap covers Brand & Digital Asset Management (DAM), Collaboration/Social, Digital Marketing and Mobile technologies.

Apoorv Durga
Research Director
Apoorv Durga covers ECM, Portals, Digital Marketing, Social Media Monitoring, and Mobile technology.

Contributing Analysts

These friends of the Real Story Group contribute to our research and occasionally blog on this site.

Theresa Regli
Principal Analyst
Theresa covers & advises on digital & media asset management, enterprise search, and digital marketing technology.

Adriaan Bloem
Adriaan works at MBC in Dubai, and advises RSG on various technologies.

David Hobbs
David Hobbs is an independent consultant who advises Real Story Group enterprise clients on CMS selections and implementation strategy.

Stephanie Lemieux
Independent Consultant
Stephanie is an independent consultant who advises on enterprise taxonomy, information architecture, search, content management, and DAM.

Shawn Shell
Shawn is the founder of Consejo, Inc., a consultancy that specializes in web-based applications, portals, and enterprise content management.

Key Staff

Karen Castle
Business Manager
Karen is Real Story Group's Business Manager.

Tracie Charland
Client Manager
Tracie is Real Story Group's Client Manager.

Scott Dill
Business Development Manager
Scott is Real Story Group's Business Development Manager.

Elina Glazer
Marketing Manager
Elina is Real Story Group's Marketing Manager.

Lyza Morss
Production Manager
Lyza is Real Story Group's Production Manager.

Ines Wong
Accounts Receivable Manager
Ines is Real Story Group's Accounts Receivable Manager.

Rebecca Martin
Business Development Manager
Rebecca is Real Story Group's Business Development Manager.