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Real Story Group Charts the Rise of Omnichannel Content Platforms

New marketplace supports enterprise-wide content re-use

BOSTON, MA - A new, hybrid category of content management technologies has arisen to target emerging enterprise needs for managing re-usable content, assets, and data for omnichannel customer engagement, according to research released today by independent analyst firm, Real Story Group (RSG).

RSG labels the market "Omnichannel Content Platforms," and has published vendor evaluations of 11 key players, including Adobe, Oracle, Sitecore/Stylelabs, Contentful, and the former IBM Content Hub, now divested to Acoustic.

RSG's Logochart of the OCP Marketplace

RSG's solution evaluations rate vendors across nine OCP business use cases, including marketing asset management, content-as-a-service, and micro-experience syndication. These use cases are complex and require a hybrid set of asset, content, and data management capabilities.

RSG managing director Jarrod Gingras said, "To be truly omnichannel, a platform needs connectors, simulation, tracking, very advanced, compound asset management, object-oriented storage, and more."  Gingras added, "These are not run-of-the-mill features you see in most content and asset management systems."

The same time, the OCP marketplace remains fairly immature, with vendors still feeling their way. 

"This is one of those rare times where customers are running a bit ahead of the technology in terms of demand for these services relative to actual capabilities available today," concluded RSG founder, Tony Byrne.

RSG sells this evaluation research on a subscription basis.

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