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The Digital Workplace & MarTech Sizzles and Fizzles of 2016: Real Story Group Predicts Twelve Trends

Cloud and Mobile Upend Digital Strategies

Real Story Group (RSG) forecasts twelve trends that will affect digital workplace and marketing technology in the coming year. From wearables to cloud, 2016 will see some important changes. What’s to come?

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  1. Creative Operations Management Gets Its Due
    Creative supply chains will shake up the status quo, demanding fast — and increasingly flexible — creative outputs.
  2. Cloud WCM: from PaaS to IaaS
    WCM platforms that can run readily in traditional IaaS environments will lead the pack.
  3. Wearables: Tech à Porter
    Wearables are ready for their close-ups, and CIOs and CMOs are taking notice. In 2016, a rising number of vendors will support app development, device management, and content delivery that’s wrist-ready.
  4. Mobile-First Comes of Age
    As the go-to interface for consumers, mobile is gaining street cred within the enterprise. Enterprises will invest in management tools and content strategies that target mobility first.
  5. Content Marketing Lands in Larger Platforms
    Content marketing has been on the radar of small cloud players for some time. In 2016, content marketing services will find a landing place within larger tech platforms.
  6. Chatter Matters — by Industry
    Social monitoring works best when you apply industry context to consumer behavior. Industry-specific monitoring tools will surpass general monitoring services in 2016.
  7. DAM Majors Become Minor
    Traditional, “enterprise-tier” DAM vendors will lag behind digital-born players that offer more modern approaches to the cloud.
  8. Emerging from the Box
    After its IPO soared and sunk, ECM vendor Box will need to make a fundamental choice in 2016.
  9. SharePoint On-Prem Sputters in 2016
    With Redmond focused on deconstructing SharePoint within Office 365, SharePoint 2016 on-premise will be slow to grow.
  10. Chief Digital Workplace Officer: Your Cubicle Crusader
    What will it take to bring innovation to the employee digital experience? In some cases, it will be a “Chief Digital Workplace Officer.”
  11. SaaS Collaboration Dominates
    Enterprises will increasingly adopt cloud-based delivery models for social collaboration. But what cloud is right for your team? With Microsoft leading the way, more vendors will promote multitenant SaaS, with pricing that’s too tempting to ignore.
  12. Office 365 User Shock
    Changing icons, temporary applications, new buzz, and new bugs. Wait, is that truly Microsoft? Yes, it's the new Office 365.

ADVISORY: RSG will conduct public webinar describing predictions this Wednesday, 09 December, at 12:00 pm ET / 17:00 UTC.

Modern enterprises need the right combination of people, processes, and platforms to compete in the marketplace,” said Jarrod Gingras, RSG’s Managing Director. “Innovations in 2016 will help employees connect with each other — and consumers — in more powerful ways.”


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