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Press Releases

29-Aug-2018 - Real Story Group Publishes New Customer Data Platform (CDP) Vendor Evaluations

12-Sep-2017 - New Book Applies Design Thinking to Tech Procurement

31-May-2017 - New Research Charts Employee Experience Tech Landscape

13-Sep-2016 - Real Story Group Releases New Dynamic Marketplace Quadrant Generator

16-Aug-2016 - Real Story Group Research Finds New and Revived Vendors Disrupting Web CMS Marketplace

11-Aug-2016 - Real Story Group Partners with Rosenfeld Media to Publish New Book Series on Digital Technologies

01-Jul-2016 - New Research Finds Cloud Roiling the Digital Asset Management Marketplace

22-Jun-2016 - New Research Suggests Social-Collaboration Technology Is Underachieving in the Enterprise

28-Apr-2016 - New Research Reveals Marketing Technology Underperforming in the Enterprise

09-Mar-2016 - Real Story Group Releases New Application to Benchmark Digital Effectiveness

08-Dec-2015 - The Digital Workplace & MarTech Sizzles and Fizzles of 2016: Real Story Group Predicts Twelve Trends

23-Sep-2015 - How the Cloud Is Disrupting Digital Asset Management

14-May-2015 - Real Story Group Announces New Digital Workplace and Marketing Technology Map

11-Dec-2014 - Real Story Group Releases 2015 Predictions for Digital Workplace and Marketing Technologies

20-Nov-2014 - Real Story Group Releases New Digital Workplace and Marketing Technology Map for 2015

06-Nov-2014 - Customers Are Dissatisfied with Social-Collaboration Technology, but Fail to Exploit Capabilities

13-Oct-2014 - RSG Finds Interoperability the Next Frontier for Enterprise Digital Asset Management

22-Sep-2014 - New Research Tracks Rise of Mobile Experience Management Technology

26-Jun-2014 - Advisory: New Research Highlights Alternatives for Social-Enabling SharePoint

16-Jun-2014 - Advisory: New Research Finds Convergence between ECM and Cloud File Sharing

25-Mar-2014 - Advisory: Digital & Media Asset Management Is Converging with Marketing Technologies

26-Sep-2013 - Real Story Group Finds Mobile Platform Vendors Transitioning to Cloud Middleware

23-Sep-2013 - Advisory - Industry Analysts Available to Discuss Comprehensive Research on Enterprise Mobile...

26-Jun-2013 - SharePoint 2013 Still Lags .NET Competitors for Mid-Market Web CMS

04-Jun-2013 - Pros and Cons of Salesforce-ExactTarget Acquisition from a Customer Viewpoint

30-May-2013 - Creative Production and Digital Asset Management Technologies Beginning to Converge

28-May-2013 - SharePoint vs. Box Rivalry Extends to the Rest of the Cloud File Sharing Market

01-Apr-2013 - Release: Exclusive SharePoint 2016 Sneak Peak

20-Mar-2013 - Innovation Management Emerging as Key Use Case for Enterprise Social Technology

06-Mar-2013 - The Real Story Group Releases New Advisory Briefing, 2013 Market Trends and Analysis of Web Content

07-Feb-2013 - The Real Story Group Releases New Infographic Charting Digital Workplace and Marketing Technology Ve

21-Jan-2013 - Learn the Right Way to Select Emerging Technologies

10-Dec-2012 - Cloud-Based File-Sharing Tools Transitioning from Consumer to Enterprise

04-Dec-2012 - The Real Story Group Releases Twelve Predictions for 2013

19-Nov-2012 - New Real Story Group Research Evaluates Enterprise Cloud File-Sharing and Collaboration Tools

31-Oct-2012 - SharePoint in the Cloud Found Lacking for Enterprise Customers

30-Oct-2012 - Real Story Group Launches Custom ShortList Builder Tool to Speed Enterprise Technology Selection

11-Sep-2012 - Media Asset Management Technology Is Now Mission Critical for Media Companies Going Digital

17-Jul-2012 - New Research Cites Rise of the "Enterprise Marketing Technologist"

05-Jun-2012 - Enterprise Social Networking Becoming More of a Service than a Destination

14-May-2012 - Open Source Web Content & Experience Management Systems Becoming Increasingly Commercialized

08-May-2012 - New Digital Asset Management (DAM) Maturity Model

30-Apr-2012 - Digital Leaders Need to Address Emerging Threats to Site Performance

18-Apr-2012 - Seven Emerging Trends in Collaboration / Social Technology Marketplace

21-Feb-2012 - Web Content & Experience Management Market Struggles to Go Cloud

25-Jan-2012 - Newly Released Advisory Paper Urges Caution with Cloud-Based File Sharing

18-Jan-2012 - Major Collaboration / Social Platforms Coming Up Short on Business Applications

09-Jan-2012 - 2012 Document Management (ECM) Market Analysis Released

05-Dec-2011 - 2012 Technology Predictions Released

13-Nov-2011 - Taxonomy Management Tools Replacing Spreadsheets for Enterprise Vocabularies

01-Nov-2011 - The Real Story Group Releases New ECM Report Covering Case Management and More

13-Oct-2011 - Major Digital & Media Asset Management Update Released

28-Sep-2011 - The Real Story Group's "Autonomy Family Tree" Makes Sense of Past Acquisitions

27-Jul-2011 - Mid-2011 Enterprise Search Market Analysis Released to Federal Government Agencies

27-Apr-2011 - Mobile is the Next Frontier for Web Content Management Technology

01-Apr-2011 - Content Management Technology Is No Longer Necessary

19-Jan-2011 - Real Story Group Finds Web CMS Marketplace Is Diverging

13-Jan-2011 - The Real Story Group Maps the Content Technology Vendor Landscape

06-Jan-2011 - The Real Story Group says Document Management & ECM markets have split

01-Dec-2010 - In 2011, Enterprises will Push Back against Vendor Lock-In

09-Nov-2010 - Collaboration & Social Software Can Yield an "Enterprise Surprise"

14-Sep-2010 - Biggest Web CMS Vendors Falling Behind in Crowded Marketplace

29-Jul-2010 - Major Enterprise Content Management Players Now Focusing on Integration

08-Jul-2010 - Acquisitions Reshaping Web Analytics Market

24-Jun-2010 - Mashups Gaining Traction in the Enterprise

02-Jun-2010 - Mid-market Web Content Management Vendors Thriving in 2010

25-May-2010 - Digital Asset Management market adjusting to competition from WCM and ECM offerings

28-Apr-2010 - Specialized Document Management Products Challenging ECM Mega-Suites

01-Apr-2010 - Emerging Technologies Transfer Workers Into the Cloud

16-Mar-2010 - What's so special about SharePoint?

23-Feb-2010 - CMS Watch Changes Name to The Real Story Group

02-Feb-2010 - CMS Watch Finds Enterprise Portals Buyers Wary of New Product Releases

05-Jan-2010 - Enterprise Search Buyers Eye Specialized Players

15-Dec-2009 - The New Year Will Bring Focus on Internal Content Technology Applications

07-Oct-2009 - Larger Digital Asset Management Vendors Pose Higher Risk

15-Sep-2009 - Partnership Delivers Online Education on Website Development Platforms

08-Sep-2009 - SharePoint 2007 Customers Should Optimize Existing Implementations

17-Aug-2009 - Enterprise Content Management Technology Going Mobile

05-Aug-2009 - Social Software Buyers Facing Lower Risk

15-Jul-2009 - Partnership Delivers First Online Education on Enterprise Intranets

23-Jun-2009 - Social Software Technology Marketplace Growing Up

15-Jun-2009 - Enterprise Portals are Back in Fashion

01-Jun-2009 - Digital Asset Management Suppliers Revving Up

11-May-2009 - CMS Watch finds "third wave" of European Web CMS vendors hitting North America

23-Apr-2009 - CMS Watch finds lukewarm standards adoption by Web Analytics vendors

08-Apr-2009 - XML Content Crossing Into the Mainstream

01-Apr-2009 - ECM Vendors Throw in the Towel at Philadelphia Summit

25-Mar-2009 - Web Content Management Vendors Increasingly Bundling Site Search

18-Mar-2009 - Video and Mobile Analytics Vendors Rising Despite Technical Hurdles

11-Mar-2009 - Obama Call for Citizen E-Participation Will Encounter Technical Hurdles

03-Mar-2009 - Content Technology Vendor Landscape Charted by New CMS Watch Subway Map

26-Feb-2009 - Search Marketplace Stabilizing After Years of Turbulence

24-Feb-2009 - New Maturity Model Enables Audit, Improvement of Enterprise Content Management Capabilities

17-Feb-2009 - Yahoo! Web Analytics Leaps Ahead of Google Analytics for Enterprise Use

15-Jan-2009 - LinkedIn Surpassing Facebook for Enterprise Use-Cases

05-Jan-2009 - Disappearance of mid-market in Digital Asset Management severely reduces customer choices

18-Dec-2008 - Release: Poor Understanding of Digital Asset Management Raises Project Risks

16-Dec-2008 - 2009 Will Bring Major Changes to Technology Marketplaces

24-Nov-2008 - Search & Information Access Vendors Demystifying "Black Box"

20-Nov-2008 - Pro-active E-Discovery Strategies Can Minimize Risk

14-Nov-2008 - Enterprises Must Consider the Broader SharePoint Ecosystem

30-Oct-2008 - CMS Watch Launches Online Education Program

15-Oct-2008 - Buyers Confused About E-mail Archiving Technology

09-Oct-2008 - Web Content Management Vendors Focusing on SharePoint Integration

07-Oct-2008 - Content Management Tools Can Help Cut Costs

17-Sep-2008 - Thriving Mid-Market for Enterprise Content Management

27-Aug-2008 - Microsoft SharePoint's Rise Splits Enterprise Portal Marketplace

16-Jul-2008 - Enterprises Can Benefit from SharePoint's Underrated Electronic Forms Services

25-Jun-2008 - Digital Asset Management Products Lacking Key Enterprise Features

19-Jun-2008 - Web CMS Products Going Half-way to Web 2.0

11-Jun-2008 - Social Software Frequently Lacking in System / Administrative Services

21-May-2008 - Mixed Messages in E-mail Archiving & Management

15-May-2008 - Component Content Management is Now an Enterprise Concern

08-May-2008 - Digital Asset Management Industry Remains Highly Fragmented

27-Mar-2008 - SharePoint Has Become the New Lotus Notes

04-Mar-2008 - SaaS-based Web Content Management Suppliers on the Rise

21-Feb-2008 - CMS Watch Helps IT Professionals Take Back Control of Content at the AIIM International Exposition &

19-Feb-2008 - Enterprise Search Vendors Evolving Faster Than Search Products

12-Feb-2008 - Enterprise Content Management Ill-Suited to Service Oriented Architectures

17-Jan-2008 - Rocky Ride Ahead For Oracle, BEA Portal Customers

15-Jan-2008 - Omniture and Google Analytics Over-hyped

20-Dec-2007 - CMS Watch Finds Growing Sophistication, Increased Success for Portal Buyers

18-Dec-2007 - CMS Watch Makes 12 Predictions for Content Technology Buyers in 2008

11-Dec-2007 - Google Appliance Still Comes Up Short for Enterprise Search

04-Dec-2007 - Sharepoint is an ECM Virus

27-Nov-2007 - Web Analytics Industry Shake-up Causing Customers to Re-evaluate Requirements

06-Nov-2007 - CMS Watch Finds SaaS-Based Search in Decline

30-Oct-2007 - CMS Watch Finds IBM Falling Behind on Web Content Management

02-Oct-2007 - New Breed of "Web Manager 2.0" Replacing Traditional Webmaster Role

21-Aug-2007 - New CMS Watch Program Teaches Essential Skills for Successful Content Technology Implementations

22-May-2007 - Oracle and BEA Portal Strategies Undergoing Major Transitions

16-May-2007 - Google Analytics not yet enterprise-ready

01-May-2007 - Web Analytics breaks into mainstream

25-Apr-2007 - CMS Watch finds SharePoint ill-suited to traditional Web Publishing scenarios

17-Apr-2007 - CMS Watch finds turbulence at top of the ECM market

27-Mar-2007 - CMS Watch to Release New Web Analytics Report

20-Mar-2007 - CMS Watch Finds Web CMS Industry Struggling to Adapt to Web 2.0

20-Feb-2007 - CMS Watch and The Rockley Group Form Strategic Alliance

01-Nov-2006 - Sharepoint 2007 Brings New Capabilities, Old Limitations

24-Oct-2006 - CMS Watch Finds Open Source Portal Software Gaining Market Acceptance But Trailing in Functional Bre

10-Oct-2006 - CMS Watch Finds User Interface Dilemmas for Enterprise Portal Buyers

12-Sep-2006 - CMS Watch Finds Industry Consolidation Has Not Reduced the Ranks of Web CMS Software Vendors

12-Sep-2006 - CMS Watch Finds Fragmented But Healthy Web Content Management Marketplace Across Europe

05-Jun-2006 - Theresa Regli Joins CMS Watch

01-Jun-2006 - Enterprise Search Buyers Face Plethora of Choices

22-Mar-2006 - Enterprise Portal Buyers Struggling With Adoption

01-Feb-2006 - CMS Watch Report Finds Feature Convergence, Vendor Divergence in Global CMS Marketplace

17-Aug-2005 - Enterprises Struggling to Manage Content on Multiple Sites

14-Jul-2005 - Multiple Enterprise Search Installations Remain the Norm

02-Jun-2005 - Records Management Marketplace Remains Highly Fragmented

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