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Press Releases

12-Nov-2019 - Real Story Group Charts the Rise of Omnichannel Content Platforms

29-Aug-2018 - Real Story Group Publishes New Customer Data Platform (CDP) Vendor Evaluations

12-Sep-2017 - New Book Applies Design Thinking to Tech Procurement

31-May-2017 - New Research Charts Employee Experience Tech Landscape

13-Sep-2016 - Real Story Group Releases New Dynamic Marketplace Quadrant Generator

16-Aug-2016 - Real Story Group Research Finds New and Revived Vendors Disrupting Web CMS Marketplace

11-Aug-2016 - Real Story Group Partners with Rosenfeld Media to Publish New Book Series on Digital Technologies

01-Jul-2016 - New Research Finds Cloud Roiling the Digital Asset Management Marketplace

22-Jun-2016 - New Research Suggests Social-Collaboration Technology Is Underachieving in the Enterprise

28-Apr-2016 - New Research Reveals Marketing Technology Underperforming in the Enterprise

09-Mar-2016 - Real Story Group Releases New Application to Benchmark Digital Effectiveness

08-Dec-2015 - The Digital Workplace & MarTech Sizzles and Fizzles of 2016: Real Story Group Predicts Twelve Trends

23-Sep-2015 - How the Cloud Is Disrupting Digital Asset Management

14-May-2015 - Real Story Group Announces New Digital Workplace and Marketing Technology Map

11-Dec-2014 - Real Story Group Releases 2015 Predictions for Digital Workplace and Marketing Technologies

20-Nov-2014 - Real Story Group Releases New Digital Workplace and Marketing Technology Map for 2015

06-Nov-2014 - Customers Are Dissatisfied with Social-Collaboration Technology, but Fail to Exploit Capabilities

13-Oct-2014 - RSG Finds Interoperability the Next Frontier for Enterprise Digital Asset Management

22-Sep-2014 - New Research Tracks Rise of Mobile Experience Management Technology

26-Jun-2014 - Advisory: New Research Highlights Alternatives for Social-Enabling SharePoint

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