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Press Release

FOR RELEASE: 2011-04-01


Jarrod Gingras ()

Analyst, Real Story Group

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Content Management Technology Is No Longer Necessary

Enterprises Should Not Even Bother to Implement Anymore


BOSTON, 01 April 2011 -- Content Management technology has become so completely commoditized that customers should stop paying any attention to it, according to independent industry analyst firm, The Real Story Group (which recently changed its name from CMS Watch, since there is nothing more to watch).
In a media briefing conducted entirely on Quora today, Real Story Group analyst Jarrod Gingras pointed out, “Content Management and related technologies like Search and Media Management have become so simple and obvious, that we now advise customers not to even bother -- just sit back and let it happen.” 
“Yes, people have totally figured this stuff out,” adds Real Story Group principal analyst, Alan Pelz-Sharpe. “We used to see enterprises with outdated web content or thousands of documents gumming up share drives -- but not anymore.”
Real Story Group came to this conclusion after hanging out virtually at cool sites like and interviewing people who claimed to be young, hip, digital natives. “They thought OpenText was an app to help you cheat on exams,” complained Real Story Group analyst, Apoorv Durga.
“Besides, the web is going away anyway,” notes Real Story Group analyst Irina Guseva. “Everyone’s switching to mobile apps, and those don’t have any content, do they?”   
In lieu of content management, The Real Story Group has identified the rise of new, venture-funded vendors like Meanderthal Software, whose “iFinditNow 2.0” platform allows enterprise employees to address e-discovery requests in twelve characters or less. Real Story Group released some excerpts from a pilot implementation of iFinditNow at a global pharmaceutical company whose faulty test documentation may have cost dozens of lives.
> “find it yet?”
       > “nope”
> “k. ttyl”
      > “later, dude”
“There’s a bigger picture here: information management is becoming gamified, consumerized, socialized, mobilized, cloudified, and caramelized,” notes Real Story Group analyst Adriaan Bloem. “Enterprises should turn their attention away from core information assets and focus all digital energies on linking up with the next Facebook, whatever that may be.”
Theresa Regli, Real Story Group principal analyst concludes, “CIOs who don’t future-proof their next-generation enterprise with disruptive technologies like iFinditNow are going to go the way of the dinosaur.”   



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