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FOR RELEASE: 2010-09-14


Jarrod Gingras ()

Analyst, Real Story Group

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Biggest Web CMS Vendors Falling Behind in Crowded Marketplace

Real Story Group Releases Web Content Management Cross-Check

Boston, MA, The Hague, NL, Delhi, IN – 02 June, 2010 – The largest Web Content Management vendors are falling behind in an increasingly crowded CMS marketplace, according to new research released today by independent analyst firm Real Story Group (formerly CMS Watch).  

Real Story Group’s latest “Web Content Management H2 / 2010 Cross-Check” chart represents four key dimensions -- Size, Focus, Vendor Evolution, and Product Development -- that customers can use to supplement functional and cost/value analyses in any major procurement decision.

RSG WCM Platform Vendors Chart
Fig 1. RSG Cross-Check for Platform-oriented WCM Vendors
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Among the platform-oriented Web CMS vendors, the largest players have been innovating the least.  “The likes of IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and EMC have great name recognition, especially within IT departments,” says Real Story Group Analyst Apoorv Durga. “but in the fast-moving Web CMS landscape their technology enhancements have tended to underwhelm in comparison to their more nimble competitors.”

RSG WCM Product Vendors Chart
Fig 2. RSG Cross-Check for Product-oriented WCM Vendors
Download: Larger JPG   |   High-resolution TIF

The Web CMS marketplace for simpler, more product-oriented tools is similarly crowded, with a diversity of technical and go-to-market approaches among two-dozen key vendors.  “Customers should carefully assess vendor fitness alongside technology fit,” counsels Real Story Group analyst, Adriaan Bloem.

These charts come from Real Story Group’s detailed evaluations in its Web CMS Evaluation Report, available for purchase on its website.  The 922-page report evaluates 44 vendors head-to-head against 12 different website scenarios and more than 30 other criteria.

“The diversity of Web CMS choices means that customers who take the time to understand how the tools and vendors really work can find a good match for their particular risk-reward profile,” concludes Real Story Group president, Tony Byrne.

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