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FOR RELEASE: 2007-12-18


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CMS Watch Makes 12 Predictions for Content Technology Buyers in 2008

SharePoint, Facebook May Disappoint, But New Opportunities Emerge in Search, Archiving, and Web Anal

Silver Spring, MD, USA -- CMS Watch has offered 12 predictions that the vendor-neutral analyst firm believes will shape content technologies in 2008. The complete set of predictions is available at:



The CMS Watch analyst team foresees both negative and positive trends. Among the things that may lose their luster next year: Facebook, SharePoint, and "Web 2.0." But content technology customers should encounter more of a buyers' market for content technology services, and should see vendors focusing on critical infrastructure needs, such as better archiving and simpler search solutions.

"Perhaps just as noteworthy is what we do not predict," pointed out CMS Watch Principal, Theresa Regli. "We are not predicting rampant vendor consolidation, dramatic technology innovation, or Microsoft/Google hegemony - rather the trends we see for 2008 tend to revolve around executing better with the technologies already close at hand."

The 12 predictions are:

  1. Archiving becomes a prime focus for ECM vendors
  2. Google will make a bid to become the World's Content Repository
  3. SharePoint enters the valley of disappointment
  4. Return of the buyers' market
  5. Web 2.0 exhaustion
  6. Social Software vendor collision
  7. Facebook backlash in the enterprise
  8. Security and Identity Management trump functionality for buyers
  9. Finally bridging web analytics and online marketing
  10. Search is dead....Not!
  11. Productization of Search Platforms
  12. We'll have 12 new predictions next year

The last prediction is tongue-in-cheek. "Analyst firms love to make predictions, and we're no different," said CMS Watch founder Tony Byrne. "But technology does not move in neat calendar cycles -- fads can crest and fade in one scant season, while the really important, seismic shifts tend to happen over years."

The CMS Watch contributing analyst team is Adriaan Bloem, Janus Boye, Tony Byrne, Jarrod Gingras, Phil Kemelor, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Theresa Regli, and Kas Thomas.

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