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FOR RELEASE: 2014-09-22


Jarrod Gingras ()

Analyst, Real Story Group

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New Research Tracks Rise of Mobile Experience Management Technology

Real Story Group Evaluates 18 Major Mobile Technology Platforms

Boston – 22 September 2014 – An expanding set of technology vendors has emerged to support improved mobile experiences for employees and customers, according to new research by independent analyst firm Real Story Group (

RSG's newly released version 2.0 of its Enterprise Mobile Technology Report evaluates 18 vendors, including solutions from Adobe, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP.

"Enterprise digital workplace and marketing leaders need no persuasion about the growing importance of mobile," explains RSG Senior Analyst Apoorv Durga. "What’s shifting today is the emphasis on the quality of mobile experiences, irrespective of device, and a broad swath of vendors has arisen to support those ambitions."

However, RSG's research found only selective use of "mobile-first" strategies that prioritize app development for mobile devices over traditional desktop experiences. RSG Senior Analyst Kashyap Kompella says, "Despite considerable hype, enterprises are very selective about where they use a mobile-first approach — and rightly so, because only specific use cases demand this strategy."

RSG’s research found a three-tier marketplace for mobile experience management technology:

* Infrastructure Vendors: Large IT vendors with mobile offerings, such as IBM, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and Adobe

* Mobility Specialists: Focused on providing advanced mobility solutions, such as Antenna, Kony, Appcelerator, appMobi, FeedHenry, RhoMobile, Xamarin, and Verivo

* Niche Offerings: Highly specialized application environments or supplementary layers, including Corona Labs, July Systems, Kinvey, Service2Media, and Spring Mobile

"This marketplace is expanding concentrically," notes RSG Founder Tony Byrne. "Major infrastructure vendors are taking more notice, while new vendors continue to arrive on the scene, giving enterprise leaders many choices in how they create the right mobile experiences for employees and customers." The 212-page Enterprise Mobile Technology Report is available online as a single purchase, or as an annual subscription with regular updates and direct access to the authors.


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