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Kashyap Kompella on digital experience for higher ed

26-Sep-2016 | EContent | "A Guide to Digital Experience Management for Higher Education "

Digital experience management (DXM) refers to providing highly satisfying digital services to customers through an effective blend of strategy, process, and technology. DXM fundamentals remain more or less the same across industries, but the modus operandi may vary based on your objectives. Education is a rather vast field, and this article focuses on DXM for higher education (higher ed) organizations such as colleges and universities.

Waves of digital transformation are sweeping across industries, and higher ed is not immune to these changes. In fact, higher ed may even be at the cusp of a transformation enabled by the creative ferments of digital technologies. Things such as classroom learning, teaching curricula and methods, and student assessments and evaluations-?essentially, almost all the traditional approaches and conventional practices-are being re-examined to see if they can be improved on or delivered better using digital technologies. Read More.

Tony Byrne on the future of Enterprise Content Management

26-Sep-2016 | CMS Wire | "Is Enterprise Content Management as We Know it Done?"

The Documentum acquisition is just the latest step in the narrowing of scope of traditional, heavy-duty ECM. There always was and still is a place for massive systems like Documentum and IBM FileNet for complex document processing, especially in heavily regulated environments. Ten years ago, ECM tools were pitched as much more widely relevant, but they turned out to be too expensive and complicated for workaday use cases. 

Or to put it another (more positive) light, the last decade has seen the democratization of document management, first with SharePoint — which made Office files more sharable within departments — then with cloud-based file-sharing services like Box, which made files more accessible across devices and within the cloud. We’ve also seen the rise of more specialized players for things like contracts management and forms processing: they solve specific problems without the IT overhead of a complex system.

There will continue to be a role for heavy-duty document processing, especially in larger enterprises. BPM will remain relevant in some of those cases. So ECM isn’t going away. Read the full article here.


Tony Byrne on purchase of Dell EMC's ECD by OpenText

16-Sep-2016 | Search Content Management | "Questions arise for Documentum customers after OpenText acquisition"

"OpenText specializes in purchasing software that is past its prime but still has a lucrative maintenance stream," said Tony Byrne, founder of Real Story Group, an Olney, Md.-based research and advisory firm. "OpenText purchases software and adds it to its business model where they basically swap out all back-office and front-office vendors, use its own people and gain cost savings."

The OpenText acquisition may concern Documentum customers, because it's unlikely that OpenText will build out the product much further, especially since it has similar in-house offerings. Read More Here.

Tony Byrne on the recent OpenText Acquisition

15-Sep-2016 | CMS Wire | "OpenText Acquires Dell EMC's Enterprise Content Division, Including Documentum"

Tony Byrne, founder of Olney, Md.-based Real Story Group, told CMSWire the acquisition "confirms like never before OpenText’s strategy of becoming a convalescence center for aging technologies.” 

“Customers will want to understand that — although OpenText will try to align product naming and branding — the firm now sells ECM tooling from three broad product families (its own, Hummingbird, and now Documentum), each in turn assembled via multiple acquisitions.  Enterprises should be extra careful to know the provenance of any OpenText solution — now more than ever," Byrne said.

Read the Full Article Here

Kashyap Kompella on digital experience for healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

16-Aug-2016 | EContent | "A Guide to Digital Experience Management for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies"

Article ImageDigital experience management (DXM) refers to the marshaling of strategy, process, and technology to provide highly satisfying digital interactions to customers. DXM is relevant across industries, but it has a special place in the healthcare industry--so much so that I'd like to think of it as the digital equivalent of the mandate to "wash your hands." In other industries serving to enhance customer interactions, DXM is the icing on the cake. But in the healthcare realm, DXM can play an even more crucial role in helping achieve better health outcomes for customers. This article focuses on DXM for organizations in the healthcare industry-hospital systems and other healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device makers.

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated globally and is not an early adopter of digital technologies and techniques, including DXM. But consumers, exposed to superior digital experiences in other industries (such as retail and financial services), have increasingly high expectations of healthcare companies. Read More.

Theresa Regli on marketing techology and strategy

10-Aug-2016 | TFM Insights | "How to embed martech into your customer-centric strategy"

Content marketing isn’t just about creating the right content: the right martech is needed for a content marketing strategy to be effective. You can’t attract, acquire, and engage an audience without a proper collection of systems to manage customer data, compelling content, and product information.


The term martech has entered into common usage, although people often disagree on exactly what it means. Construed very broadly, digital marketing technology is the collection/cocktail of digital systems that marketers use to gather, cultivate, and nurture leads and customers. Traditionally, these systems reflected how a marketer wanted to represent a brand or product line.

However, as marketing becomes (or aspires to become) more customer-centric, marketers increasingly sense that new approaches must focus much more intensely on customer preferences — including their browsing and buying history — and meet them in the channel of their choosing (mobile, in-store, catalogue, or otherwise). Digital assets are instrumental to realising this plan.

Kashyap Kompella on MarTech Myths

04-Aug-2016 | TFM Insights | "Mythbusters: 10 myths MarTech vendors tell"

The marketing world has perhaps never seen so much change. The core tenet of marketing – that of a marketing funnel – is disappearing and is being replaced by the amorphous concept of a customer journey. Consequently, marketing is much more dependent on complex technology.

But the marketing technology landscape is so crowded and confusing that it can overwhelm any enterprise buyer. As marketing is transforming into a more data- driven and scientific discipline, picking the right set of tools remains a challenge.

When you are looking to select marketing technology (MarTech) for your enterprise, you will encounter several half-truths and also some outright falsehoods. Here are ten such commonly encountered myths and the real story, based on our experience of advising large global organisations with their MarTech initiatives. Read the full article here.


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