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Jarrod Gingras on What it Takes to Build a Digital Roadmap

01-Aug-2019 | CMSWire | "When Creating Your Digital Roadmap, Consider These Lessons Learned"

Enterprises are transitioning from reacting to emerging technologies to proactively planning strategies to exploit digital opportunities, leveraging longer-term roadmaps for digital workplace and marketing technology.
Inevitably, some common mistakes will be made along the way, but one way to avoid repeating them is to focus on the lessons learned by those who have gone before. Here is the most common "what I would have done differently" advice I’ve encountered. Read More


Tony Byrne identifies the 4 platforms that underpin omnichannel architectures in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019

01-Jul-2019 | EContent | "VIDEO: Four Key Platforms that Power Omnichannel"

Many of you have looked into customer data platforms. Many organizations kind of built these on their own. Some organizations are still choosing to build these on their own, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not.

This omnichannel content platform is really interesting. This is a space that's kind of calved off from parts of the WCM world and parts of the DAM world. In this idea that I can have a core set of shareable assets that can be used across all different channels. That marketplace is very young and still kind of in formation. Journey orchestration and decisionining, very interesting as well.

A long history of this technology going back to direct mail in advertising days now kinda getting retooled for the digital era. And then of course a variety of operations hubs. So, these are areas where if we're serious about omnichannel we need to think about investing here, whether it's bringing in new technology or not. Read More


Tony Byrne on Creating a 'Netflix-like' Experience

27-Jun-2019 | Target Marketing | "Using MarTech to Create a 'Netflix-like' Omnichannel Stack"

Each year in advisory conversations that Real Story Group holds with enterprise MarTech and Customer Experience (CX) leaders, common themes emerge. This year, it seems like the most frequent aspiration is, "We want to create a Netflix-like experience." That certainly sounds good, but what does "Netflix-like" actually mean, and what does it take to get there?

RSG evaluates martech and CX technologies to assist enterprise tech stack owners. To maintain its strict independence, RSG only works with enterprise technology buyers and never advises vendors. Read More


Tony Byrne on What You Need to Know About 'JOE'

03-Jun-2019 | CMSWire | "What You Need to Know About Customer Journey Orchestration Software"

Customer journey orchestration engine software is designed to help organizations analyze customer interactions across multiple touchpoints, execute the best communications and predict future customer interaction.

Sounds like the promises marketers have been hearing all along in the digital transformation era, no? Yet, they still have their struggles. Can these journey orchestration engines, or journey visioning platforms as Forrester calls them, deliver on these promises? Can they sit underneath your engagement systems such as marketing automation, email marketing and personalization engines and successfully orchestrate a customer’s journey? Read More


Tony Byrne on Key Technology Buying Considerations for an Omnichannel Stack.

30-May-2019 | MarTech Today | "From MarTech Silos to an Omnichannel Stack"

For the past decade, most enterprises have focused on scaling and modernizing their martech and digital experience (DX) stacks, pushing ever-richer content and experiences through web content management (WCM) systems, marketing automation/ESP platforms, and CRM environments, among others. This made sense for improving digital customer engagement in those platforms, but also led to serious challenges that now need attention. Read More


Jarrod Gingras on DAM as an Anchor in your Martech Stack

29-Apr-2019 | CMSWire | "Why Digital Asset Management Is Now Officially Martech"

For years, digital asset management (DAM) was either not included or was marginalized in the martech conversation. People viewed DAM as the tool of creatives, brand managers, and even (wait for it) librarians. 

But it’s well beyond time we recognize that not only should DAM be in the martech conversation, but that DAM has become an anchor service in enterprise martech stacks... Read More


Tony Byrne on What it Takes to Make a CDP Work

11-Apr-2019 | CMSWire | "7 Tips to Successfully Implement a CDP"

After you have done your research, found out about the benefits of CDPs, how they differ from other customer data management platforms, and found the right CDP for your use-cases, it's time to get prepared to actually bring one in house and get it set up, running and supported.

If you want a successful implementation showing value and ROI back to the business, we have some advice from key luminaries in the field on things you need to think about when implementing a CDP system. Read More.


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