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Tony Byrne on What You Need to Know About 'JOE'

03-Jun-2019 | CMSWire | "What You Need to Know About Customer Journey Orchestration Software"

Customer journey orchestration engine software is designed to help organizations analyze customer interactions across multiple touchpoints, execute the best communications and predict future customer interaction.

Sounds like the promises marketers have been hearing all along in the digital transformation era, no? Yet, they still have their struggles. Can these journey orchestration engines, or journey visioning platforms as Forrester calls them, deliver on these promises? Can they sit underneath your engagement systems such as marketing automation, email marketing and personalization engines and successfully orchestrate a customer’s journey? Read More


Tony Byrne on Key Technology Buying Considerations for an Omnichannel Stack.

30-May-2019 | MarTech Today | "From MarTech Silos to an Omnichannel Stack"

For the past decade, most enterprises have focused on scaling and modernizing their martech and digital experience (DX) stacks, pushing ever-richer content and experiences through web content management (WCM) systems, marketing automation/ESP platforms, and CRM environments, among others. This made sense for improving digital customer engagement in those platforms, but also led to serious challenges that now need attention. Read More


Jarrod Gingras on DAM as an Anchor in your Martech Stack

29-Apr-2019 | CMSWire | "Why Digital Asset Management Is Now Officially Martech"

For years, digital asset management (DAM) was either not included or was marginalized in the martech conversation. People viewed DAM as the tool of creatives, brand managers, and even (wait for it) librarians. 

But it’s well beyond time we recognize that not only should DAM be in the martech conversation, but that DAM has become an anchor service in enterprise martech stacks... Read More


Tony Byrne on What it Takes to Make a CDP Work

11-Apr-2019 | CMSWire | "7 Tips to Successfully Implement a CDP"

After you have done your research, found out about the benefits of CDPs, how they differ from other customer data management platforms, and found the right CDP for your use-cases, it's time to get prepared to actually bring one in house and get it set up, running and supported.

If you want a successful implementation showing value and ROI back to the business, we have some advice from key luminaries in the field on things you need to think about when implementing a CDP system. Read More.


Tony Byrne on What Really is a CDP?

01-Apr-2019 | CMSWire | "Is That New CDP Truly a Customer Data Platform?"

Customer data platform (CDP) technology is rising in popularity for good reason: CDPs try to address chronic difficulties marketers have endured around obtaining reliable access to a centralized store of information about their customers and prospects.

The CDP technology marketplace has expanded substantially. At Real Story Group, we evaluate 25 players, with more each quarter. Read More.


Tony Byrne Unveils The New Omnichannel Stack Reference Model

29-Mar-2019 | | "The New Omnichannel Stack Reference Model from Real Story Group"

From a technology perspective, many of us focus intently on martech stacks, but the reality is that most large enterprises have evolved multiple — often overlapping — stacks across the customer experience spectrum: for marketing, sales, service & support, advertising, and web/DX.

Of course, your customers don’t care about your stacks. They expect to be able to engage coherently and consistently with you regardless of channel, and continue doing so when new channels like voice emerge. Read More.

Tony Byrne on the Difference Between CDPs and DMPs

28-Mar-2019 | CMSWire | "CDP vs. DMP: Which is Right for Your Business?"

As modern customers interact with your brand across dozens of different channels, they expect a unified and seamless experience across all touchpoints. In order for organizations to deliver on this expectation of a unified customer experience, they need the appropriate technology platforms in place to allow customer-centric marketing strategies to be implemented.

According to Tony Byrne, martech analyst and Founder of Real Story Group, DMPs are all about collecting anonymous data, while CDPs are focused on 1st party data, or personally identifiable information (PII). Read More.

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