Advisory: 2013 Market Trends and Analysis of Web Content & Experience Management Systems

Over the past few years, the Web Content & Experience Management marketplace has been going through shifts and changes, significantly marked by efforts to provide not only web content management features, but also to allow customers to manage web and multichannel experiences under a single platform. Much like the influx of web analytics, social, and community features into WCXM technology we’ve witnessed in the last decade, WCXM vendors in 2013 are trying to infuse their technology with tools for marketing automation, email marketing, predictive analytics, lead scoring, testing and optimization, and associated reporting.

As a prospective WCXM customer, you should take a multidimensional approach to identify the best fit for your individual situation and carefully navigate the “CXM suite/platform” environment that many traditional WCM vendors currently are trying to shape. From near-term value and long-term strategic perspectives, it may prove much more sensible to investigate the more polished capabilities of specialized digital marketing vendors to supplement your Web CMS.

Customers seeking WCXM solutions face a marketplace that is divided roughly between platform- and product-oriented suppliers.  Each segment carries its own set of potential risks and rewards. This briefing identifies potential problems and opportunities for all of the vendors we evaluate.

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