Mobilizing your Salesforce: EMC|Documentum, IBM FileNet, SharePoint, Box, or...?

  • March 28, 2014

Your enterprise salespeople are increasingly mobile. More than ever, they need access to collateral — brochures, presentations, contracts, pricing charts, and so forth — while on the move. How can you provide effective access to the latest documents for salespeople who aren’t tethered to your internal enterprise network?

When your incumbent WCM or Portal platform won't work for mobile-first

  • February 26, 2014

Your existing enterprise software tools -- such as your Web CMS or Portal tools -- can take you only so far.  The argument in their favor is that the these tools separate content or raw information from its presentation. So then if you already have a content management system managing content for your website, then it is just a matter of creating a new template optimized for mobile. But is it really that simple?

Self assessment of our 2013 predictions

  • January 17, 2014

Every year, we make technology predictions about the various content technology marketplaces that we cover. And rather uniquely, we go back and see how we fared. So here's how we fared with our 2013 predictions:

2014 Portals and Content Integration Market Analysis

  • November 15, 2013

RSG has just published our 2014 edition of the Portals & Content Integration Marketplace Analysis. This advisory looks at how the marketplace -- both in terms of products and vendors -- is evolving.

Core Competencies in Digital Marketing

  • October 30, 2013

The current digital marketing and web content & experience management marketplaces overflow with advanced technology services. Unfortunately, most enterprises have insufficient internal capacity and expertise to leverage many if not most of the features found in these tools

Why is Mobile Testing So Hard?

  • October 16, 2013

We often find enterprises underestimating the effort required to test mobile apps. After all, how much testing effort will it take if you are developing native apps for just two operating systems -- iOS and Android?

Will the Decline of BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Simplify Your Life?

  • October 8, 2013

In my conversations with digital workplace and marketing technology leaders, they tend to laud the long decline and potential demise of BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Not because they dislike those platforms (though many do), but because mobile leaders believe that shaping effective mobile experiences for customers and employees gets much simpler with only two big client environments -- iOS and Android -- in the picture

PhoneGap/Cordova Vs Oracle and IBM Mobile Offerings

  • September 19, 2013

A key question arises: if you develop your mobile application using web technologies and use Cordova to wrap it, why license Oracle ADF Mobile, IBM Worklight, Adobe or one of the other commercial vendors in the first place instead of using Cordova directly?