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26-Jun-2014 - Advisory: New Research Highlights Alternatives for Social-Enabling SharePoint

16-Jun-2014 - Advisory: New Research Finds Convergence between ECM and Cloud File Sharing

25-Mar-2014 - Advisory: Digital & Media Asset Management Is Converging with Marketing Technologies

26-Sep-2013 - Real Story Group Finds Mobile Platform Vendors Transitioning to Cloud Middleware

23-Sep-2013 - Advisory - Industry Analysts Available to Discuss Comprehensive Research on Enterprise Mobile...

26-Jun-2013 - SharePoint 2013 Still Lags .NET Competitors for Mid-Market Web CMS

04-Jun-2013 - Pros and Cons of Salesforce-ExactTarget Acquisition from a Customer Viewpoint

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Kashyap Kompella on Enterprise Collaboration - When It's time to Consider Standardizing the Tools Employees Use
27-Jun-2014 | PC Today | "Better Collaboration - Get Your Teams on the Same Page"

The theme of the July PC Today issue is Collaboration. You can download the full PC Today article here.

Various issues concerning em-ployees, customers, clients, and the organization ultimately drive some companies to standardize their col-laboration tools. Kashyap Kompella, industry analyst with Real Story Group (, says these fac-tors pertain to more than the collabora-tion tools. Typically, enterprises review their entire IT portfolio every three to four years, invariably finding a need to “consolidate or rationalize the multiple tools that exist for accomplishing the work objectives,” he says.

Using a “use case approach” is an-other option. “As tools mature and new capabilities are available, think of whether they support radically new use cases or help improve existing use cases,” Kompella says. For example, enterprises have always had expert finder applications, but these are now “turbo-charged” with added enterprise social networking features, he says. “Employee town halls take advantage of unified communications and social networking capabilities. Syncing of documents between different devices and locations— between desktop and mobile, between local and cloud—this is a new use case,” he says.

Apoorv Durga on Cloud File Sharing
27-Jun-2014 | Processor | "Manage Employee Use Of File Sharing"

Apoorv Durga, senior analyst at Real Story Group, recommends companies involve key IT staff to assist with critical data management, security, and integration challenges and involve key business stakeholders in ensuring a solution addresses practical needs and is relatively easy to use. Read More.

Apoorv Durga on whats new in ECM Marketplace
28-May-2014 | KM World | "New for ECM: mobile, sync and offline access"

Here’s an overview of what has changed, and how you need to adapt your ECM strategy:

  • Mobile access
  • File sync and offline capabilities
  • Vendor activity

Read More.


SharePoint 2013: Does it finally crack the code of WCM?
27-May-2014 | KM World | "Tony Byrne on SharePoint's Web content management (WCM) capabilities"

Ever since Microsoft began adding Web content management (WCM) capabilities to SharePoint in 2007, customers have been asking themselves when Redmond would get serious about providing a platform suited not just for intranet use cases, but for marketing-oriented websites as well.

With the advent of SharePoint 2013, it’s time to reassess functional improvements, and evaluate whether Microsoft has truly expanded the product’s target scenarios for Web publishing.

Below I’ll describe the implications for changes in SP 2013 in some key areas... Read More.

Tony Byrne on the Intranets and their future
30-Apr-2014 | Intranatverk 2014 | "Ready to inspire: Tony Byrne"

What would you say is the most exciting thing about intranets?

We’ve been watching them evolve over the last 15 years and it’s been really interesting seeing the whole evolution of the phenomenon. I’m quite excited about the next couple of years because I’m a believer in this notion of redefining the problem as one of what is the right digital workplace environment. And if you look at it from that perspective you’ll start asking yourself more interesting questions, with perhaps unexpected outcomes. Read More.

Irina Guseva "The web content management marketplace is saturated and hard to navigate"
08-Apr-2014 | CMS Wire | "5 minutes with Irina Guseva"

Inside the content management universe, there are vendors who promote their technologies, customers trying to pick just the right one and analysts who try to bridge the gap.

One of the most colorful analysts in the enterprise information management space is Irina Guseva, senior analyst for the Real Story Group and an occasional contributor to CMSWire.

Starting her career as a broadcast, print and online journalist, she later worked as a web CMS practitioner and industry consultant. In all, she has more than 15 years of experience with content technologies — a very long time in an industry that evolves so rapidly.

In the first of a new feature for CMSWire, we asked Guseva five questions to take her pulse on the state of the industry. Read More.

Irina Guseva on WCM Evalution
24-Mar-2014 | EContent | "The Evolution of WCM: From Usability to Mobility"

Irina Guseva, senior analyst at Real Story Group, makes the point that most WCM users are now much more comprehensively up-to-speed on the processes and tools that make for good mobile experiences. In her view, it's the vendors that now need to catch up.

"Mobile remained on the forefront," Guseva says, "but compared to previous years, organizations are more educated and experienced when it comes to developing and managing mobile apps, mobile web, and hybrid apps. They realize that WCM tools are rarely the best tool for these types of activities-with the exception of mobile web, perhaps-and are seeking best-of-breed mobile platforms to integrate their CMSs with. Not many vendors focus on the fact that HTML5 friendliness is not driven by their tools, but by the code that is put into those systems." ... Read More

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