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Irina Guseva "The web content management marketplace is saturated and hard to navigate"
08-Apr-2014 | CMS Wire | "5 minutes with Irina Guseva"

Inside the content management universe, there are vendors who promote their technologies, customers trying to pick just the right one and analysts who try to bridge the gap.

One of the most colorful analysts in the enterprise information management space is Irina Guseva, senior analyst for the Real Story Group and an occasional contributor to CMSWire.

Starting her career as a broadcast, print and online journalist, she later worked as a web CMS practitioner and industry consultant. In all, she has more than 15 years of experience with content technologies — a very long time in an industry that evolves so rapidly.

In the first of a new feature for CMSWire, we asked Guseva five questions to take her pulse on the state of the industry. Read More.

Irina Guseva on WCM Evalution
24-Mar-2014 | EContent | "The Evolution of WCM: From Usability to Mobility"

Irina Guseva, senior analyst at Real Story Group, makes the point that most WCM users are now much more comprehensively up-to-speed on the processes and tools that make for good mobile experiences. In her view, it's the vendors that now need to catch up.

"Mobile remained on the forefront," Guseva says, "but compared to previous years, organizations are more educated and experienced when it comes to developing and managing mobile apps, mobile web, and hybrid apps. They realize that WCM tools are rarely the best tool for these types of activities-with the exception of mobile web, perhaps-and are seeking best-of-breed mobile platforms to integrate their CMSs with. Not many vendors focus on the fact that HTML5 friendliness is not driven by their tools, but by the code that is put into those systems." ... Read More

Apoorv Durga on File Sharing
05-Mar-2014 | PC Today | "File Sharing Facts"

Beyond their ease of use, says Senior Analyst with Real Story Group, Apoorv Durga consumer-oriented file-share are fast and available anytime, anywhere, and on employees' device of choice. Read More.

Apoorv Durga on Choosing the Right Tool for Your Mobile Needs
05-Mar-2014 | EContent | "A Guide to Mobile Experience Management: Choosing the Right Tool for Your Needs"

With mobile devices outselling traditional computers, mobility has clearly become an enterprise concern. Whether customer-facing or employee-facing, converting key services and information to mobile-friendly experiences is no longer optional.

The marketplace offers a wide variety of tools that can help you go mobile. These range from simpler tools that help you quickly "mobilize" existing sites to more sophisticated tools that allow you to create complex mobile apps, including specialized native apps for specific mobile devices.

Irina Guseva on continual adaptation of Web Content Management
21-Jan-2014 | EContent | "The State of Web Content Management"

With both content and technology always evolving with the fast pace of culture, web content management (WCM) systems must keep up. This is no easy task, and it keeps the industry leaders on their toes. "WCM is about creating and managing content in a central repository with the purpose of delivering it-publishing it-to the web," says Irina Guseva, senior analyst for Real Story Group, "as well as to other channels such as mobile, social, print, and email." And that requires continual adaptation. ... Read More.

Irina Guseva on "must dos" for implementing and administering a Web CMS
02-Jan-2014 | CMS Wire | "2014 Must-Do: Get Back to Basics with Web CMS"

It's the New Year. Did you push some of your tasks from last month into January because it seemed like a year away at the time?

Well, it's time to stop procrastinating: 2014 is here.

To help you get going in this infant stage of the new year, we're kicking off a series of "must dos" in areas including web CMS, customer experience and digital marketing.

We start here with a must do for implementing and administering a web CMS. And top of mind is getting back to the basics, according to Irina Guseva, senior analyst at the Real Story Group, which specializes in technology research and strategic advisory services.

"I think orgs need to focus on usability and user friendliness," Guseva told us. "Everyone says they want an 'easy to use' CMS, but then buy or implement monsters." ... Read More.

Irina Guseva on customer experience management
31-Dec-2013 | KM World | "KM past and future: It's about the customer "

In January 2013, a Forbes headline announced that mobile devices and customer service would make 2013 the year of the customer. That same week, CMSWire predicted that 2013 would be the year of the customer, with big data being put to work to manage the customer experience. Within another week, Time magazine was asking whether 2013 would (finally) be the year that customer service got better, citing surveys that reported customer rage in response to problems with products or services.

Customer experience management is at the vortex of a set of forces that are driving customer engagement like never before, and KM is there to play its part as organizations strive to incorporate big data, social media, mobile technology and traditional customer relationship management into a smooth-running, customer-centric process. One particular challenge is integrating the plethora of social media sources into traditional strategies and systems. If organizations combine the right strategies with the right technology, the year of the customer may arrive (eventually) after all.

Human-centric processes

"Many organizations forget that customer experience management is not a technology, but a set of strategies and practices," says Irina Guseva, senior analyst for Real Story Group. "While software offers automation, the efficiency really comes when strategy is in place and is working as intended."


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